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Our big girl!
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Kylie 1 day old
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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Our Good News

For my blogging family, I am going to open up here about my good news. However, I want to ask that none of you mention it on Facebook right now, as I'm not ready to tell everyone. I haven't even told my boss yet. Many of you know, but others of you do not.

On Wednesday, by total surprise, we found out that Kylie and Jaycee are going to be big sisters! I found out by a beta hcg test that revealed I was in fact pregnant, though I had a negative PG test the week before.

Of course, we were THRILLED about the news. Actually, I was able to come home and take two pregnancy tests to show Chris. Jaycee actually handed him a card that said on the inside "Coming to a Keith household near you, November 2011." =) He couldn't believe it.

Jaycee was thrilled beyond words. She keeps saying she's having a baby sister and she named it butterfly. We called Kylie "Peanut" before we knew she was a girl, so we didn't want to give the same name to this baby. We wanted this baby to have its own identity.

I had blood work done on Wednesday of course, and then repeat bloodwork on Friday. The big fear was that my numbers would not be doing what they were supposed to, since that happened with Kylie. However, we were happily surprised!

Wednesday: Hcg- 1861, Progesterone- 13
Friday: Hcg- 4154, Progesterone- 22

That means, everything is doing what it should be doing. We are so thrilled and relieved. =)

I bought my pregnancy journal today, and I am about to go write in it now.

Remember, keep it on the DL. I'll be updating here as we travel down this path and as we journey to parenthood for a second time. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and pray for a full-term pregnancy!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New beginnings

So as not to go into too much detail, I'm not putting all my information here. I will let those know who need to know or that I want to know the details, but I'm just not going to risk judgement and "anonymous" again.

My appointment yesterday at the fertility doctor went really well. Ultrasound was surprising, but in a good way, and I was so relieved to know that I am not all "jacked up" from my c-section. I was terrified of what it might look like!

Blood work was surprising, as well, and I am confident that I surprised Dr. H with my results! My A1C is below 6, so I am NOT diabetic. Whoo hoo! =) Thyroid is also normal (the nurse said she wished her thyroid level was that good!).

I've been doing really well with all the things he has asked me to do. I am very determined, because I am so ready to continue with our plans for a family. I won't release details right now, but just know that I'm doing healthy things, and nothing I am doing is harmful! lol

I love my nurse. She is absolutely WONDERFUL, and she is a true sweet heart. I am just so glad to have such a kind person to be my "go-to" the entire time.

I would also like to ask that everyone keep Chris in your prayers tomorrow. He is having a colonoscopy done because of some problems. He had a hemmorhoid surgery a few years ago, and the problem is back and worse. They are afraid it's more than hemmorhoids. (Also pray for my pocket book; these procedures with fertility are super expensive!)