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Our big girl!

Our big girl!
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Kylie 1 day old

Kylie 1 day old
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Bryleigh Addison
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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bryleigh's first hospital visit :(

Last Tuesday, Chris took Bryleigh to the doctor to be checked for this really bad cough she had. Doctor diagnosed a cold and said to get a cool mist humidifier, keep suctioning, and hydrate hydrate hydrate. She started sleeping pretty much all the time, and eating sporadically. By Friday evening, she seemed a bit better. By Saturday night, she seemed to be getting worse. At her late night feeding, Bryleigh suddenly began vomiting (projectile) her entire bottle (and more)- and she was choking and turning blue. This happened again a few seconds later. She choked again (not as severe) on her next bottle, so as soon as the doctor's office started receiving calls Sunday morning, we called. Bless her heart, she looked so sick. So, we got ready to go.

We were able to be seen at 11:30, and the doctor on call was immediately concerned with Bryleigh's cough. She had dropped 7 oz since Tuesday, as well. To be safe, because her RSV test was negative. she decided it would be best to admit her and run a pertussis test, as well as treat her for pertussis. We went straight to the hospital, and they already had a room waiting.

We got settled quickly, and they had us a chair brought in; the room was really small, but hey, we were in the hospital, and they were taking care of my sweet girl immediately. I was thrilled to know that they were trying so hard to take care of us. Bryleigh was immediately hooked to an oxygen monitor that checked oxygen and heart rate.

They got an xray of her chest. They took the pertussis test to send it off.

I was able to order my dinner through room service, as they offer one parent meal a day (thank goodness!). The nurse manager checked on us, and saw how cramped we were, so she had Chris go look at a room that had just been cleaned; and then she announced we were moving!
The new room had a bed, a pull out couch, and 2 chairs, as well as the crib. It is like two times the size of the one we left, so needless to say, we are very grateful! That sweet nurse manager just made our whole night (and entire stay, really)! So we settled in, and her coughing fits were just awful, but they started breathing treatments immediately. At 4 in the morning, they had to put her on oxygen, because her stats went below 90 for a length of time even after suctioning.

So, her coughing continued, and her pediatrician was the doctor on call yesterday, so she upped her breathing treatments. We also began Pedialyte for the first time.

She was still having terrible coughing fits, and those steroids in the breathing treatments really wired her! We had some awake periods yesterday that were quite interesting...

A sweet lady from the hospital brought this bouncy seat to me for Bryleigh to have a change of scenery. She also brought a handmade teddy bear, a package of links, and a book. Within a few minutes , a hospital volunteer brought by hand made pillows as well. I was so touched by their kindness!

12 hours after going on oxygen, they took Bryleigh off of the oxygen at 4 P.M. but left her oxygen monitor on and continued every 4 hour breathing treatments; she was kind of fussy and wired still, probably due to the steroids. But, she was much happier without the oxygen on. Miss Carolyn, Kylie's primary care nurse from the NICU, came down after work to meet our sweet little girl for the first time. =)

The pediatrician came in and said we'd go back to the two daily treatments and then just the others as needed, to try to prevent her from being wired. We began alternating pedialyte and formula to help with the mucus- they were suctioning her quite a bit, too. She said the big test was over night if she needed oxygen or not. So, this morning we are still oxygen free! So, I got to cuddle my baby girl without her oxygen wires ...

So this morning... NO oxygen! They took the monitor off her foot so that they can just spot check, so she is free of wires all together. She got her antibiotic again, and she got her breathing treatment. She has felt better today, despite that terrible wet cough (and the occasional hard time drinking her formula). So I finally got big huge sweet smiles!
So now, we're just waiting on the on call doctor to return. He wants to check her out, and thinks that our pediatrician should let us go home tomorrow. They want to be completely sure we have no more episodes, and that her cough is better. We will continue her antibiotic at home; not sure yet if they will do breathing treatments.

This experience has been very painless, very smooth, and very nice, if nice could be used to explain your 2 1/2 month old's first hospital stay. Everyone has been exceptionally kind and helpful, and it has been so easy to just worry about Bryleigh and her care. It has also been so humbling.. every single nurse, tech, etc. who comes in just gushes over our sweet little girl and tells me how beautiful she is, how perfect she is, how sweet she is. It has been so sweet to hear those comments; they help me feel so much better about everything going on! I am also grateful for a great pediatrician who wants to be safe.

I am thankful for those who have checked up on us, thought of us, and prayed for us and a quick recovery. I am also grateful to my sister and my mom for taking care of Jaycee for us so we know she is taken care of and happy and safe. It helps to know that she is just fine, too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

March of Dimes 2012

It is that time once again to make a plug (followed by many more over the next 3 months) for our March for Babies team. This year, I want to do things a little differently. I want you to consider the following questions and see how many of them you say YES to.

Do you have (or have you had) any of the following, have a family member who does or did, or know of someone who has:
  • Asthma?
  • Premature birth?
  • Birth defects?
  • Miscarriage?
  • Infertility?
  • Childhood leukemia?
  • Parkinson's?
  • Down's Syndrome?
  • Cystic Fibrosis?
  • Blood clotting disorders?
  • Surgical scars?
  • Muscular Dystrophy?
  • Kidney diseases?
  • Stroke?
  • Preeclampsia?
  • SIDS?
  • epilepsy?
  • Seizures?
  • Autism?
  • Dyslexia?
  • Skin disorders?
  • Cerebral palsy?
  • Spina Bifida?
  • Diabetes?
  • Hearing loss?
  • Childhood obesity?
  • Pulmonary hypertension?
  • Heart defects and conditions?
  • Language development issues?
  • Cancer?
  • Alzheimer's?
  • Lung development issues?
  • Learning disabilities?
  • Stillbirth?
  • Heart defects?
  • Paralysis?
  • Wilms tumor?
This isn't even an all-inclusive list of the research that March of Dimes research grants have funded. The list goes on and on and on...

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, you have benefitted from the March of Dimes (or the people you know). Chances are, many of us have been affected by 5 or  more items on the list (or people we know). Consider that when you consider whether or not to join a team, donate, or help fundraise in some way.

We need you. Kylie needs you. Babies and people everywhere NEED your help.

Join our team. Do it for Kylie, for babies born in the future, for all people as they age. Do it for the world. Do it for yourself. Do it for humanity.

Join us this year. The link is below, and then I will help you with the rest.

Email me if you want to talk about it or if you have any questions or concerns. You can use the new email,

Join our team here:

April 21, 2012. Be there. March for Babies 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012: New beginnings, new outlooks, new year, old grief

So yeah, it's been since July since I posted. Life really caught up to me during the last half of Bryleigh's pregnancy, and it has been a whirlwind few months since her birth! Above is the first time I got to hold my beautiful little girl!

October 2011 was busy, because of course, it was Kylie's second birthday and angelversary. We also had the October 15 event again, which was a beautiful and huge success. We made memory boxes again for Kylie's birthday, and we ended up with over 25 boxes made! What a blessing for us to be able to take that delivery to the NICU. I'm so proud of my little angel and the good we are trying to do in her name. She is such an inspiration, and when I do these things in her honor and memory, I feel her love resounding in my heart and soul. I know if she was still with us, she would be one of the most loving children ever; she still is any way!

November 1, 2011, our rainbow baby, Bryleigh Addison Keith, graced this world with her presence. At 37 weeks 3 days, she weighed a sturdy 7 lbs. 13 oz and measured at 19 1/2 inches long. My second birth went flawlessly (in c-section), and Bryleigh was able to go straight to the well baby nursery. We did so well that I only stayed in the hospital for a little over 48 hours!!!! I had her at 8:57 A.M. on Tuesday morning, and was at home and settling before 4:00 P.M. on Thursday afternoon. Now, Bryleigh is 2 months old, and at her 8 week appointment, she was weighing 10 lbs 3 oz and 22 3/4 inches long. She is in the 80th percentile in length, and the 50th percentile in weight and head circumference. She started daycare on January 3 because I had to leave and go back to work :( (big big big crocodile tears here. From me, of course).

I do notice something though: I mean, I've seen babies in public and people ooh and ahh and such, but I don't ever see what happens to me and Chris ALL the time... (it's a good thing). We can go anywhere with Bryleigh and people stop us in restaurants, stores, anywhere... just to admire her and tell us that she is absolutely gorgeous. I'm not trying to exaggerate either; Just today at Cheddar's, I was stopped by three different couples at tables between our table and the restroom... just to tell me how beautiful my daughter was. We are truly blessed, and I am so in awe over the attention she gets in public-- I've never been stopped so much in my life!

In the past two months, God has really worked in my heart. He has been telling me all along that my life isn't over, and that Kylie's loss was not an intent to hurt me personally, but I have been too angry to listen. When Bryleigh entered this world, it was like she was the peace and voice of reason that God was telling me about. Because, I probably wouldn't have Bryleigh if Kylie had made it; we would not have tried again so soon. I am so grateful for each of my daughters and for the fact that God chose me to be their mother. I have learned that my will is not always God's will, and his will is not always my will. I prayed for him to make my daughter better; he did make her better, but his version of healing her was not the one I had chosen. I am learning to let go of my anger and to let go of my despair, but it doesn't make the pain any less, nor does it make me feel better about it. I miss Kylie every day. I love her just as much as I did the moment I found out she was growing inside my womb. I love her just like I did when she was born... and when she passed. I will always love her with every bit of me.

I say that to say that I love each of my girls (Jaycee, Kylie, and Bryleigh) differently, but I love them all equally. I mother three girls in three different ways. Though I didn't birth Jaycee, I love her as much as if I had. Though Kylie isn't here with us on earth, I love her as much as if she were. and of course, I love Bryleigh just as much as her sisters. No one child is a replacement for the other; I mean, anyone who has multiple children in a normal circumstance has the children because they want to expand their family, because they want to be parents, because they love children, etc. That is the same reason I have children. I want a family; my life's greatest dream was to become a parent. I wanted to be a mommy before I knew how someone became a mommy or daddy. I love each child individually but the same, if that makes any sense.

This year, in 2012, I hope to be able to blog more often and share my thoughts as I journey down several different paths. I am working on the mother deal the most, and making sure to juggle all three girls and give them each attention that they need and deserve. I'm working on Kylie's fund. I'm working on the March of Dimes, and I'm working on the October 15th event. I am trying to make sure Jaycee is not left out and is included in everything, along with juggling her dance classes and events. And of course, Bryleigh requires a lot of our attention right now because she's so little. We're trying to get to church and get into a routine, and trying to all-around do things to improve and have better lives.

So here's to 2012 and the changes it has brought already, and the changes it will bring in the future. And here's to 2012, another year that I will never forget my first-born's existence, and another year to do good things in her memory... and here's to 2012, the year my rainbow baby turns one, and the year my sweet big girl turns 5 and starts kindergarten... What a busy year we have ahead! And to leave you with my favorite image of her most recent photos!